Merinos Atatürk Kongre Kültür Merkezi
History of Merinos

Atatürk's memory is kept alive

Sümerbank Merinos Woollen Industry Fabric Factory was established in the frame of first industrial attempts of Turkey as 'factory  of woollen textile inputs'. The Prime Minister of that time İsmet İnönü and Economy Delegate Celal Bayar laid the base of the factory in 28 th of November 1935. Well-known businessman and entrepreneur Nuri Demirağ undertook the construction  of the factory. President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk opened Merinos Factory, which was completed for nearly two years, during his seventeenth visit of Bursa on 2nd of February 1938. After President Atatürk took the golden key of the factory from Sümerbank General Manager Nurullah Esat Sümer, made some examinations inside the factory and wrote his emotions on the honour notebook:

'Sümerbank Merinos Factory will increase the national pleasure as a priceless achievements. This achievement will helps the industrial development in providing great national needs of the country and specially Bursa. I congratulate Economy Ministery on success of the achievement. I thank you to the Directory of Sümer Bank and wish them success on high knowledge and right coordinate management'