Merinos Atatürk Kongre Kültür Merkezi
Merinos ACCC

Constructed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Atatürk Congress Culture Centre was opened by the Prime Minister of that era, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in 06.06.2016.

Atatürk Congress Culture Centre is located in 307.000 m² wide Merinos Park and total construction area of Centre is 120.000 m². There is 7600 m² Merinos Exhibition Area, 7100 m2 Outdoor Exhibition Area, indoor parking area with 460 vehicle capacity and outdoor parking area with 300 vehicle capacity, Osmangazi Hall with 1623 seats, Orhangazi Hall with 813 seats, Hüdavendigar Hall with 400 seats, Yıldırım Beyazid Hall with 1000 person capacity, and  there are 3 Showrooms which are 750 m², 1000 m² outdoor foyer area, seminar halls, congress halls, artist rooms and social areas.

Osmangazi Hall with its 1750 m² area and capacity for 1623 people, is Turkey’s largest and highest quality stage. Congress Centre also has Orhangazi Hall with capacity of 813 seats, Hüdavendigar Hall with capacity of 1000 seats and lot of seminar rooms. 
Atatürk Congress Culture Centre was arranged to organize various meetings from 10 people to 3000 people for an international congress. By means of professional management and qualified personals, all organizations are carried out with success and pleasure. Auditoriums have acoustic forms and wooden covered panel and also the stage mechanic light and voice systems for high-level performances such as opera, bale, and theatre.
The names of the halls, in Atatürk Congress Culture Centre, were taken from the names of the sultans of Ottoman Empire whose the tombs are in Bursa that was the capital of Ottoman Empire for one hundred and fifty years