Merinos Atatürk Kongre Kültür Merkezi
Mayor's Message

A New Congress Destination : Bursa

Bursa, is a city that has got many initials in it. First capital city of Ottoman is Bursa. First Bazaar Bridge of the World is in Bursa. The first standard of the World was set in Bursa. Many developments such as the first Turkish Opera, the first environmental protection activity, the first diplomatic victory, the first intercity transport, the first organized industrial zone, the first aerial railway and thefirst skiing race were conducted in Bursa.Bursa is a culture and art city as well as an industrial city.



It is a city that many cultural activities such as festivals, kermises, plays and shadow plays are performed in decent places.Bursa proves itself in being a European and World city by joining many international developments such as International Local Administrations Union, International Local Environmental Enterprise Council, Islamic Cities Organization, Local Administrations and Democracy Academy, United Nationals Development Academy, Cities Union for Recycling and the other developments; Bursa is the leader in establishment of them, such as Healthy Cities Union and Historical Cities Union.




Merinos Factory, which was opened by Atatürk in 1938, is one of the symbol establishments of the Republic history. Merinos has converted a congress and culture centre with the congress centre after it was restored literally as factory building in the park and it was brought in Bursa as a plant that any kind of organizations can be held. The journey, from production to art, of Merinos Factory is the indication of change in development of Bursa as well.



Atatürk Congress Culture Centre is one of six congress centres of Turkey with its halls for 1659, 825, 800 and 500 peoples and also its 11 seminar halls for 50 and 100 people.


 I believe that Atatürk Congress Culture Centre will make an important contribution in prestige and estimation of our city Bursa and our country, in this sense I pay my respects.