Merinos Atatürk Kongre Kültür Merkezi

Osman Gazi Hall, which has got the chair capacity for 1.659 people, was designed with electronic, mechanic and acoustic infrastructure to allow organizations of opera, theatre and bale plays and also conferences and concerts. All the parts of the hall, as saloon, stage and sofito sections, active and sliding stages, active band hallow, simultaneous translation rooms and other technical places are donated with advanced technology. Artist dressing rooms, study rooms, workshop rooms, practise rooms, offices, library, archive and private car park, which are at the management section, support this technology. By means of aspect, which is located on 3.800 m² areas with glazy main and side foyer have become integrated with very green nature of Merinos Park and restored Merinos Factory. Those places that were enriched with wide gallery emptiness are also used for record, exhibition, stand and feast area.