Merinos Atatürk Kongre Kültür Merkezi
Merinos Park

Merinos Park Oxygen Depot of Bursa

Merinos Park, which has got 307.000 m² green field, was converted to an important public recreation centre with its a century old trees, small lake, racing track and bicycle path, resting and kid play areas. Merinos Park that is located in the centre of the city and nested with the nature has many coffee shops, restaurants and social complexes. There is a 16.000 m² area in the park that various organizations can be held such as concerts and open-air activities. The small lake and the pools, which were generated in the middle of the Park, have become integrated with Atatürk Congress Culture Centre and create a charming point. Göl Park Restaurant, Gönül Dostları Restaurant, Kafe Kule and Hayat Lokantası gives service in this area. Merinos Park’s restaurants and coffee shops, which service all kind of flavours of rich Bursa cuisine, is a favourite place that delicious tastes can be found together. Also, the old wedding saloon, which was located in the park, gives service as a Wedding Hall with the restored building. All the tools and pieces that were used in Merinos Factory when it was active are now displayed in Merinos Energy Museum, which is located in the Park together with Immigration Museum. Merinos Park, with its small lake, pool and jogging areas, presents a green-blue unique, beautiful and natural area to its local and foreign guests with Atatürk Congress Culture Centre, one of prestige brands of Turkey.